Health Care Services in Raigarh

Raigarh has gone through tremendous change over the past few years. From the raise in tourism to the bloom of industrial sectors, this district is growing in more ways than one which are beneficial to the economy and the people living in the city. One of the other sectors that has had a vigorous growth is the health care network. This has been in both urban and rural areas of the district. There have been a number of initiatives that have been developed over the years to increase health awareness, creating more sophisticated healthcare facilities and improve delivery mechanisms throughout Raigarh.

Healthcare services in Raigarh

The rural areas have seen a tremendous change with more and more NGOs and other health facilities coming up to help those in need that are less fortunate. With regular check up camps and treatments, people in the entire district have a cleaner bill of health.

Healthcare Infrastructure in Raigarh

They have plenty of hospitals and clinics that are staffed with well trained nurses and doctors. No matter if you're rich, poor, young or old Raigarh has grown tremendously and this has resulted in better health facilities for all its residents. Some of the popular ones are Fortis O.P.Jindal Hospital & Research Centre, Metro Hospital & Diabetes Research Centre, Sanjivani Nursing Home, Dr R L Hospital And Trauma Centre, Primary Health Centre etc. One of the biggest contributors to the growth of health care in the Raigarh district is JSPL. The Jindal Steel and Power is an industrial powerhouse and has a great dominant presence in steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Healthcare Infrastructure in Raigarh

They have also played in big role in setting up many charitable clinics and hospitals across Raigarh. They provide world class health facilities in the district which is affordable and easily accessible to the communities and societies in Raigarh.In order to make their health facilities available to everyone whether rich or poor, JSPL has set up many charitable clinics and hospitals. They have set up an ICU unit at the general hospital in Raigarh along with 100-bed multi-specialty at O. P. Jindal Hospital & Research Centre. The centre also offers medicine, surgery, gynecology, orthopedics and pediatrics. It has well -equipped operation theaters, a cardiac ICU, a burns ICU and a neo-natal ICU.

O.P. Jindal Hospital and Research Centre
Address: Kharsia Road,Raigarh -496001,
Chhattisgarh, INDIA
Tel: +91 7762 227001-05
Fax: +91 7762 227022-23
E-mail: [email protected]

Medical Camps in Raigarh

District administration in Raigarh conducts regular and integrated medical camps with specialist doctors from the most renowned hospitals. This has benefited many people in the district especially those who can't afford private hospitals. They also organize women welfare programs regularly. The regular village medical camps are made possible and organized through mobile medical van services with specialist doctors. Along with these camps the have also set up special camps for helping and assisting the disabled people of the society. Provisions for equipment like tricycles, wheel-chairs, crutches, hearing aids are made and distributed in these camps.

Medical Services in Raigarh

Family planning and population control has been one of the most important topics that administration stresses upon for community welfare. They have been organizing family planning camps that has also contributed in controlling infant mortality rate in the community.The most common disorder in the district of Raigarh is cataract and other ophthalmic disorders. Surgeons from all over India lend a helping hand for conducting cataract and lens implantation surgery. These surgeries usually cost around 10,000 in public hospitals but they are done free of cost at these camps annually.

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