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Rock Art Sites of Raigarh

The distinct cultural and geographical identity of Raigarh makes it an interesting place to visit and explore. Rich in natural resources, Raigarh is dotted with numerous historical monuments and site
From beautiful lush green forest, stunning waterfalls to old age rock caves you can find all and more.
You will be amazed to know that in Raigarh you can spot many rock art sites, some of which that are even yet to be discovered. These old mysterious caves have since their discovery in 1910 by C.W. Anderson had remained a source of attraction amongst archeologist and anthropologist from across the globe. The abundances and richness of cultural heritage and archaeological relics makes this place a perfect tourist destination for both nature lovers and archaeological buffs.

Caves in Raigarh

Most of the rocks dates back to Prehistoric periods, and are thousand years old. Most of the painting and art on the rocks gives us an insight into the life of the early human beings. In Raigarh, you will find some of the rarest and interesting pieces at Amargufa, Bhanwarkhol, Bainipahar, Basnajhar, Kabra Pahar, Singhanpur, Ongna, Karmagarh, Khairpur, Botalda, Siroli Dongri, etc. Some of the most popular drawing at these sites that you are most likely to find are pictures of birds, deer, wild boar, human figures, elephants, snakes, humped cattle, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, mermaids, hunting scenes, geometric designs, scenes of agricultural activity and dancing scenes in several colors have also been drawn. Human figures, animal figures, palm prints, bullock carts, scenes of day to day life, generally painted in white are also found here.Since every site is unique in its own way and depictions differs from each site, here is a list and brief of some of the rock sites in and around Raigarh.

Important Rock Art Sites in Raigarh are listed below

  • Singhanpur is famous for the paintings of Mermaid, Ladder men, Animal figures,Kangaroo, Hunting scenes and Giraffe
  • Ongna is famous for the paintings Man with head gear Geometrical drawings
  • Sutighat is famous for the paintings of Agricultural and Animals figures
  • Basnajhar is famous for the paintings of Elephant, Geometric patterns Animal Hunting scenes
  • Bhanwarkhol is famous for the paintings of Mermaid,Bear, Hunting scenes, Bison, Geometric pattern, Swastik
  • Bainipat is famous for the paintings of Geometric patterns
  • Siroli Dongri is famous for the paintings of Human figures, Hunting scenes, Palm impressions
  • Kabra Pahad is famous for the paintings Bison, Tortoise,Male Figures and Geometric patterns
  • Karmagarh is famous for the paintings of multicored Geometric patterns paintings and designs
  • Khairpur is famous for the paintings of Dancing scenes, Animal figures
  • Chapamada is famous for the paintings of Hunting scenes, Animals, and Mermaid
  • Geedha is famous for the paintings of Rock Painting Engraving
  • Amargufa and Cherigodari contains paintings of Animal patterns, Hunting scenes, Human figures
  • Tipakhol is famous for the paintings of Geometric Design
  • Nawagadi is famous for the paintings of Religious symbols like Sun, Moon, Human figures, Animal figures, Hunting scenes
  • Potia is famous for the paintings of Human and Animal figures

Some of the important Rock Art Sites in Raigarh are:

Rock Art sites in Raigarh


Located 33 km southwest of the town of Raigarh Amargufa is one of the famous rock sites in India. Here you can find beautiful images of animals, human figures, hunting scenes and many more. At the site you can witness the amazing designs pained by the prehistoric humans.


Here you will find some majestic pieces as the hills of this village are filled with more than 300 paintings and decorated with beautiful images of elephants, monkeys, mermaids, horses, wild buffaloes, hunting scenes, dancing scenes, geometric designs etc.You can find this site at a distance of about 27kn southwest of Raigarh.


The rock paintings that are found in between the villages of Sutighat and Patrapali and in the hills of Shrangkhala go by the name of Bhanwarkhol. Here you are most likely to find paintings of mermaids, wild buffaloes, bear, hunting scenes, palm impressions, geometric designs, Swastik etc. Unfortunately some of these paintings have been badly affected by weathering. Located about 66 km northwest of Raigarh the rock sites here are gives an idea about the life and surviving techiques of early human beings.


Located about 75 km northwest of Raigarh here lies a shelter commonly known as Sinh shelter which posses rock paintings that are from the Mesolithic periods of history. You will find animal figures, human figures, hunting scenes and geometric designs here.


In these hills you will find rock paintings in three tiers which are from the historical period. The paintings depicted here are animal figures, birds, human figures, war scenes etc. This rock site lies 6 km to the west of Kharsia, on the Raigarh – Bilaspur road.

Kabra Pahar

Situated at about 30 km southeast of Raigarh and at the height of about 100 ft. and width 50 ft. Here you will find paintings of tortoise, wild buffalo, human figures, geometric designs etc. Though very old yet the paintings are well preserved as made in red ochre. Some of the paintings have been damaged by vandalism . However, the Govt. of Chhattisgarh is taking appropriate steps to protect the shelters.


The paintings here are a little different from the other sites as they have multicolored figures of humans and animals and different geometric designs. This prehistoric site is located at about 30 km north of Raigarh and holds more than 300 paintings.


The caves of Khirpur located at about 12 km north of Raigarh near Tipakhol reservoir depict several dancing scenes and animal figures. The paintings are thousand year old and are best example of prehistoric art and culture.


Located at 72 km north of Raigarh this place has a distinct feature to it as it contains paintings of many big humped bulls and decorated head gears of human figures.


Even though there are 3 natural caves found here only one has rock paintings while the other two are void of any paintings. Unfortunately the paintings in the cave have becomes considerably faint, only the ones drawn in red ochre are visible and they are of the ladder man, mermaids, animal figures, hunting scenes etc.
So whether you’re an architectural buff or just a tourist exploring new places, this will definitely be worth your while. These amazing depictions gives you a slight insight of our ancestors from another era and their way of life. It’s not only an amazingly stunning site to see but also educational and enlightening. These caves are worth exploring and should definitely make it to your places-to-visit list.

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